Why you should visit Brasov?


Brasov is more than the Crown City (literally, since its German name is Kronstadt)  lying in a land of natural beauty, attractions and tourist activities. We are to speak a bit about ”the Crown”, but we will highlight top five other reasons for which you, the tourist, should visit this amazing county.

  • Overwhelming nature

Travelling from Bucharest, while reaching Sinaia with its Royal Palace in your way to Brasov, the serpentines challenge you to oversee what it’s coming. The scenery becomes higher and majestic, and the Carpathians show their peaks in an impressive manner without being threatening.

When we talk about mountains we definitely say slopes – and you will hopefully remember Predeal, which you will pass through, as your next skiing destination in Romania..

Before reaching Busteni (another ski resort), you will see a huge cross on the top of the mountains on the left side of the road: that’s Heroes’ Cross (or more familiar named “Cross on the Caraiman”), the World’s tallest (2,291 meters) summit cross. The greenery places you in the mood for fun and enjoyment for the rest trip. Once you drive through the edge of the Crown City, Tampa Mountain announces you that you arrived to your destination.

Imagine that this is a small part of what nature can offer to your eyes in Brasov County. Piatra Craiului, Bucegi, Postavaru mountains all of them reach the sky with their amazing peaks!

Moreover, for the wild animal lovers Zarnesti and its bear sanctuary offers the opportunity to see, even adopt one, as Romania has the largest population of brown bears in Europe.

  • Brasov City deserves the Crown

The name suits at its most the historical name of the city: the crown. Brasov with its ancient story, sightseeing, good restaurants, cultural and even nightlife can be seen as coronation of enjoyment for any tourist.

As soon you step in Piata Sfatului, in the walking area, another world unveils to you: beautiful medieval buildings, harmoniously colored and structured capturing a Saxon architecture essence; the Town Hall tower, with its long building history starting during 15th century lying the main square of the Old City; the Black Church, the second largest gothic church in Europe, with its fire destruction and revival story, like a Phoenix bird.

The fortifications of the Old City, its bastions and its gate brings a medieval-romantic flavor to your walking journey.

  •  Rural side – even Royalties love it

The rural area across Brasov County is a wonder. From traditional Saxon houses in Viscri, the ones that even Prince Charles fell for, up to the old water mills in “Barsei Country”, the entire area breathes authenticity. It is like an old world frozen in time.

The landscape, the houses, the people are all in harmony with the beautiful mountainous area. Even the friendliness and welcoming spirit of locals seem coming back from another century. The food is nice and tasty and made with natural ingredients from their own small farms.

  • The winter sports in Poiana Brasov

Brasov is the center of the ski lovers in Romania. In Poiana Brasov you can enjoy the 12 slopes with different degrees of difficulty, and snow remains 4-5 months per year.

If you are a beginner in winter sports, you may choose Stadium slope or Bradul slope. If on the contrary, you have greater experience in skiing or snowboarding, recommended slopes are Lupului, Drumul Rosu, Sulinar, Kanzel and Ruia.

  •  Citadels, castles and fortified churches

If you consider that the only architectural attraction in Brasov is Bran castle, then you are mistaken, since almost every single old commune or village has a treasured fortified church.

Impressive and old fortified churches like Prejmer (UNESCO World Heritage), Harman, Codlea, Ghimbav show their medieval fortifications. 

When speaking about castles, the fortified peasant citadel of Rasnov stays tall since the 13th century, during Teutonic knights, and watches over the life of people of Rasnov. And the ones of you who love movies and remember the “Cold Mountain” Black Cove Farm, you must know that Rasnov surroundings are the actual natural scenery where the characters of Nicole Kidman and Donald Sutherland lived!   

This is the short list of reason for which you should visit Brasov County. We still have not enclosed the good food and welcoming people in this county. We are not here to describe these to, they are to be felt. This is the reason for which we invite you to visit Romania and experience Brasov with all your senses!

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