Vampires left Romania!


Romania should be known for its amazing scenery, for its authentic rural life, for incredible roads, for the brave history, for the amalgamation of culture and spirit, but not for a country of blood sucking vampires.  If you asked us, “Cold Mountain” (the shootings of the film took place in Romania, hence the entire landscape it belongs here) is much more representative for Romania than “Interview with a vampire” is.

Romania is people who live here 

Romania is actually the result of people living their lives on their land. Romania is an amazing place where people do their chores traditionally, in an ancestral, but still contemporary way. Romania is the farmer who works the ground and milks the cow; Romania is the shepherd on the mountain who runs the flock from one mountain to another. Romania is the artisan who manufactures amazing pottery in Horezu (part of the Intangible World heritage since 2012) or Corund.

Romania is person and nature connected

Romania is people living together in an amazing natural landscape. Romania is communion human – nature. Romania is tradition kept on a heavenly place on Earth. If you have seen the courageous Bear Grylls while he lived his Transylvanian experience, you noticed that he spoke about bears and wild creatures, deep forests, miles of woods with no paths or human settlement. He did not fear vampires!

This is Romania: a land of unspoiled nature! We say Romania is about people. Even important foreign figures notice these aspects. His Highness Prince Charles is Romania’s most ardent promoter. Kevin Costner thanked once to Romanians for being the way they are and things they do.  Top Gear team declared in 2009 Transfagarasan to be the world’s best road trip. They all spoke about beautiful nature, traditions kept and people.

Romanian is  Folklore which never mentions vampires

Romanian folklore is rich and Romanian traditional songs – Doina in Romanian, it can hardly be translated, and is part of the UNESCO immaterial heritage since 2009. Calusarii traditional dance is also part of the World Heritage. Just to have a sense of authenticity! These songs and dances are about heroes, wars, times while Romanians were hit by sorrows, but we cannot recall a single song or tradition about vampires. Romanians have their living deads (moroi),  they have their bad, but beautiful Fairies (Iele), but vampires are not mentioned at all. The only explanation for this lack of vampires in Romanian folklore is that that vampires simply have never been part of Romanian traditions!

Join Romania for Romania’s sake!

Why then, are there so few tourism packages or tours in Romania without mentioning the name of Dracula, the fictional character of Bram Stoker? Are tourism experts out of imagination or we tend to love more the blood sucking story that the real delight? Romania is more interesting as destination as it is, without fiction. A comprehensive tour throughout Romania will reveal more than one decade spent in Bran castle trying to find Dracula’s blood on the walls. (By the way, the last part would be useless anyway, because Dracula has never stepped into that building!)

Vampires left Romania

Imagine that vampires left Romania and you would come to visit it for pure, authentic experience, for a sustainable environment, for its places and communities. Just visit Romania for nature, culture and crafts. Not for Dracula, but for Romanian people profoundly integrated in their homeland. Wouldn’t that be great?  

Sano Touring is here to revive the core of Romania as touristic attraction: people on their millennial amazing settlement named now Romania, a country that keeps traditions and customs, still integrating communities for a richer value to Romanian Culture, a country that has the largest population of wild animals in Europe. A country that brings exotic air in the center of Europe.

Wouldn’t you just love this?

Just join one of our tours and you’ll sense the true feeling of Romania!

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