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Enjoy the city of joy!

If you ever wondered why having a Bucharest city-break while travelling to Romania, the answer comes (also) from the very etymology of its name: Bucharest (Bucuresti in Romanian) literally means “city of joy”! Thus, your fun and enjoyable holiday is guaranteed in Bucharest by the name of the old city.

Where from “Bucharest – City of Joy”?

The most popular legend says that Bucur the shepherd stopped on the banks of Dambovita River during the transhumance from Carpathian Mountains to Danube River. He decided to stay there for the winter; first he established a family, then a church close to the river – and so Bucharest settlement was born. Because “Bucur” can be translated as “joy, enjoyment”, Bucuresti technically means “you are joyful”!

And now some documented facts to support the legend: a Swiss traveller who passed through Wallachia in 1781 interpreted Bucharest name as “city of joy”, while some Greek Phanariots rulers, during 18th century, named the city “Hillariapolis” – city of joy. No connection whatsoever with the legend of Bucur, the shepherd!

Bucharest: Travel for Vlad Impaler – the real thing!

The first document that mentions Bucharest dates back to 1459, September 21st. Romanian prince of Wallachia, Vlad the III-rd (The Impaler) – the one who lent Bram Stoker his name for the Dracula character – sent an official letter to three local noblemen, granting them the enlargement of the property in the region and tax exemption.

Vlad preferred Bucharest as Princely Court to Targoviste (the official province’s seat), and settled in the “Bucharest Fortress” for most of his ruling time. Fact, then: Bucharest is the real home of Vlad the Impaler!

Travel to Bucharest for the largest wellness centre in Europe

Just in the beginning of 2016, close to Bucharest it was opened the largest thermal spa, the most exclusive relaxation place tourist can find across Europe: Therme.

The wellness centre is divided into three sections and offers a variety of health and spa for the entire family, regardless the age and experience. Indoor and outdoor pools, spas with various themes, fun areas for activities, Therme is suitable for children and seniors, ladies and gentlemen all together.

The thermal water is extracted from a depth of 3.100 m and temperature within the wellness centre is around 29 degrees, regardless the season.

Therme can be also regarded as a botanical garden where tourist can enjoy the green atmosphere given by 800 thousands species of plants, some of them unique. The Palm area shelters around 500 pals, as the name says.

Thus, travellers to Bucharest have an additional reason to visit Romania’s capital: for the biggest wellness centre in Europe!

Bucharest, a contemporary city of joy

Every festival or large event shows Bucharest at its most! 3D projections on buildings, concerts, art representations on the street or in clubs, private plays in private theatres, musical representations in restaurants, casinos, people cheering, artisans showing their crafts or selling their culinary goodies, you can have it all in Bucharest.

There are so many things happening at once, that it is impossible to not find something to suit your taste! Be ready to face a reality better than you expectations!

Bucharest – one of the best options for accessible travel in Romania

When it comes to Romania and accessibility for travellers with special needs, the accommodations across the country flow in mystery if tourists do not ask experts.We verify accommodation conditions for our tourists prior arrival, in order to suit their needs in terms of accommodation, reaching restaurant.

Also, the Old town of Bucharest, the parks are also places where tourist can enjoy time. Several museums are an option for acknowledging Bucharest. Also, any time traveller can chose a tailor made day-trip to Peles Castle.

Bucharest – seniors love it!

If young people love the night life, the amusement, the pubs, the spirit of the city of joy, seniors will surely love Bucharest for its “little Paris” aspect, the romantic Victoria road (avenue), for all those places connected with Romanian Monarchy and spicy-romance stories, for art galleries down-town where they can spend long hours enjoying the Romanian art, but will also enjoy the large parks within the city.

Also, they will surely love the rural air within the Village Museum or the Peasant Museum. They will savour the classy restaurants where folk dancers entertain travellers, at the same time, offer them a reason to acknowledge Romanian spirit in a more profound manner. From another range of experiences, but surely memorable for seniors, is the Communist legacy in Romania. The Palace of Parliament with its impressive size and decorations, the stories of old, but still recent times, about the Revolution in 1989, the places in Bucharest that still bear the marks of that tumultuous change at the end Communist era arise interest for tourists in Bucharest.

Thus, during the day you enjoy the history and the charm of the big capital, so named little Paris, during night you have fun in any way it suits you. The main word it is Enjoyment, because it is Bucharest!

Even better than this: we invite you to enjoy Bucharest with us!

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