Health retreats in Romania


Health and Wellness retreats in Romania

Water is health, water is wealth, water is wellness. When it comes to natural abundance, Romania seems a chosen land: salt, gold, oil and coal are the blissful and hidden resources of the Earth. Soil is the benefactor who makes grains grows. Mountains bear the heaviness of virgin forests. The deep woods hide the majority of wild animals population of Europe. It is less known that Romanian territory beholds 60% of the mineral water resources of European Union. And as we speak mineral waters, we can only translated into health and amazing wellness and health retreats.

From ancient times, people acknowledged that the best healing doctor is nature itself. During Roman Empire, baths with thermal or mineral waters were a privilege only for noble persons and only few, the chosen ones, could benefit from it. As we said, Romania is resourceful in mineral waters and beautiful wellness resorts developed across entire country, as a curing natural resource. Millions of tourists follow the road of health retreats and they return annually as they feel the healing effect.

From heart, lung and liver conditions, to rheumatism or nervous system – a whole range of disorders are ameliorated or even cured during health retreats in Romanian spas.

Today we are to speak about resorts and spa retreats in Transylvania, and more specifically, about Covasna and Baile Tusnad (Tusnad Baths) and their treatments and health benefits.

Covasna, Fairy Valley and health retreats

Romanian stories speak about a beautiful princess who lived on Covasna land. Her beauty spell lied over the territory where she lived and the land was named the Valley of Fairies. In time, people started looking for the treasures of this place, and they searched and dug… and discovered that the real treasure was the waters and gases released from the ground.

But what it is the story of those precious gases? Once upon a time, prior prince and princesses, millenniums ago, Covasna was a volcanic land. In time, the ground settled in a beautiful serenity, the fire went long extinct and the severe environment was replaced by a realm of fairy-like beauty, like Fairies Valley. Now, deep forests cover the calm and majestic mountainous realm and healing waters sprinkle on Covasna land.

Health and wellness retreats in Covasna, Transylvania

Locals understood that the health benefits of mineral waters and carbon emissions were gold-worth. Those waters and gases worked almost miraculously for their health and well being and, in time, they turned this natural bliss into places where any tourist can relax and get into a better health condition.

We don’t say words for the sake of speaking! We will list the affections that can be cured or, at least, ameliorated by the natural treatments in Covasna’s spas and surely you will understand our reasoning to recommend at least a week of cure in this Transylvanian resort!

During a retreat in Covasna, treatment seems complete. First of all you have medical evaluation, than you receive warm baths with hot mineral waters. If that is not enough, moffets with their gases act like heart activators and decrease blood pressure. Then you might need some paraffin embalming for the rheumatism or aerosols for breath conditions. Electrotherapy for different intensities, galvanic baths and hydrotherapy are used for a long, very long, range of conditions. And if you are looking for better mobility, life massage and medical gymnastics surely help!

Beyond that, a night sleep in a hotel on the edge of the forest is food for sore soul!

Tusnad Baths – the small Switzerland of health

Moffets and mineral waters rich in carbon dioxide are also the key treatments during health retreats at Baile Tusnad – the smallest town in Romania, despite of its great potential for natural cures.

They say that sometime during the 17th century, on a land heavenly beautiful, in Bodoc mountains, a shepherd discovered that the waters coming from the earth made him feel in a better health condition. The word about the “healing waters” spread around; in 1840’s the first building designed for treatments appeared on this amazing mountainous realm, and in 1860s the first chemical analysis of the water was performed.

Alleys and promenade pathways appeared around it and little by little, Tusnad turned into a small, beautiful, town developed around Ciucas Lake. The local stories say that the emperor Franz Joseph arrived once in Tusnad and said that the tiny town is like a little Switzerland.

If the healing effects of mineral waters are not enough for you to indulge yourself with a retreat to Tusnad Baths, than the unique flora and amazing nature developed around Ciucas Lake might convince you. Special birch trees, Ligularia sibirica, the 76 hectares of lake or the paths into the woods inviting the tourists to short hikes makes this region one of kind. Just few miles away, Lacul Sfanta Ana (Saint Ana Lake) with its volcanic history also invites the tourist for a short, peaceful retreat, in this amazing place.

The health cures at Baile Tusnad (Tusnad Baths)

Likewise Covasna, Moffets (carbon dioxide gases) and mineral waters rich in carbon dioxide are the main curing waters in Baile Tusnad.

A complete treatment, under medical supervision helps persons with high blood pressure or heart conditions to feel better and stabilise their conditions. This is the reason for Baile Tusnad to host annually half a million of tourists.

Regardless the season, tourists, especially seniors, take a break from daily routine and spoil themselves with a healing treatment.

We spoke only about two of the health and wellness resorts of Transylvania. As said from the very beginning, Romania is a treasure of mineral waters. A beautiful chains of similar spa resorts invent tourists to revive and enjoy and be healed by nature regardless the health condition.

What is made by nature is healed by nature! Drop us a line about your condition and we will suggest you the best health retreat in Romania!

NB: Do not neglect to speak to your doctor!

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