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We can summarize this tour like this: fear, darkness, fright, strange sounds… and amazing trips with plenty of wine for getting brave?!!!



Bucharest – Urlati – Buzau – Mud Volcanoes – Meledic Plateau – Odobesti – Vrancioaia Seismic Detector – Covasna – Targu Secuiesc – Balvanyos – Baile Tusnad – Brasov – Busteni – Sinaia – Campina – Bucharest


  • 8 nights accommodation in 3* hotels
  • All dinners included, 5 lunches and special culinary surprise
  • 9 days of Romanian mysteries

Day 1: Bucharest

Welcome to Henri Coanda Airport – The main Romanian Airport – 16 km far from Bucharest. By the way, do you know who Henri Coanda was? He was the jet engine inventor at the beginning of 20th century. Transfer from the airport to Bucharest. Bucharest (“Bucuresti” in Romanian) is the capital and main city of Romania; the legend says that it was established by a shepherd named Bucur, and was documented by Vlad Tepes (The Impaler) nearby the date when Constantinople (nowadays Istanbul) fell under Turkish siege in the 15th century. Too much history! Let’s go to accommodate in a very nice 3 stars hotel in Bucharest. Then we’ll have a short sightseeing of Bucharest including Parliament Palace, built during Ceausescu’s leadership, last communist rhino, the second huge building in the world after the American Pentagon. Dinner will be served in a specific Romanian Restaurant with delicious dishes and various wines.

The palace of Parliament

The Palace of Parliament/Photo source: Dreamstime.com

Day 2: Bucharest

Not bizarre, but very good breakfast and visit to a very strange Monastery near Bucharest (about 5 km in the Western part) named Chiajna, a tribute to both Lady Chiajna, a Princess consort of Wallachia and a nonconformist castle placed in the middle of the town, in a very nice park. The castle is called Vlad Tepes Castle although it was built four hundred years after his death. In the very beginning the building was used as a water-tower, but nowadays the castle is used by National Office For Heroes’ Memory. Free time for walking and shopping. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 3: Bucharest – Urlati – Buzau – Mud Volcanoes – Meledic Plateau

After breakfast let’s head towards Mud Volcanoes in Buzau County. Being in a Mystical Tour, we need some stimulant drinks – so that we’ll take a break to a well-known wine-yard in Urlati to have a wine tasting and some snacks. This is what we are talking about! Being now a brave hearted group, it is time to climb the hills and face the Buzioru Village with its strange appearances and disappearances, then The Living Fire on Meledic Plateau and at the end, for those who are still normally breathing (a joke, of course!), The Mud Volcanoes in Paclele Mari area. All of us, and we mean “all”, we’ll have accommodation and a traditional dinner in the area (Buzau).

Mud Vulcanoes

The Mud Volcanoes/Photo source: Dreamstime.com

Day 4: Meledic Plateau – Odobesti – Vrancioaia Seismic Detector – Covasna

Breakfast after a good sleep with nice dreams and departure for new beautiful and strange destinations. But, remember yesterday? We have to become brave hearted! So that let’s stop to refill in a wine tasting party in Odobesti, an important wine-yard of Romania, and become stronger. Now we are ready to face Living Fires of Andreiasu and Vrancioaia Seismic detector located in the middle of the mountains. Accommodation and dinner in Covasna, a well-known mineral waters resort addressing especially heart diseases – so everything should be under control!

Day 5: Covasna – Comandau – Covasna

Time for rest. Good breakfast. We invite those who feel strong in an optional trip (an off-road one) to Comandau and to Lacauti Weather Station on Lacauti Peak located at 1,777 m. above sea level. The entire group will pay a visit to an original sheepfold to taste several kinds of cheese and of course traditional strong drinks made of plums or other fruits. Fairy tales (mystic, of course!) in the evening in front of a nice campfire in Fairy Valley. Dinner and “sleep tight” in Covasna.

Day 6: Covasna – Targu Secuiesc – Balvanyos – Baile Tusnad – Brasov

After breakfast – back on the road to meet new challenges. Departure to Brasov crossing a strange region. Visit Targu-Secuiesc, Balvanyos, St. Ana’s Lake and Tusnad Balneary Resort. Everything will become strange and dangerous if you do not follow your guide! In Balvanyos there is a cave without any fresh air, where is impossible for anyone to resist. St. Ana’s Lake is in a volcanic crater, the only one in Romania, a lifeless lake. Nearby the lake we’ll visit Tinovul Mohos strange kind of swamp where is strictly forbidden to enter without the local guide. Special Hungarian (Szeckler) lunch in Balvanyos. Accommodation and dinner in a 3 stars hotel in Brasov.


Brasov/Photo source: Dreamstime.com

Day 7: Brasov – Busteni – Sinaia

Eat something in the morning. You need it. Today we are going on top of The Carpathians in Bucegi Mountains. Stop in Busteni, mountain resort, take the cable car and on Bucegi Plateau we’ll visit the Babele (Old Ladies in Romanian) – rock formation as well as The Sphinx. We will not tell you more in order not to do guide’s job, but just a hint: conspiracy theories say that Bucegi Mountains are the world’s most important energetic spot. How could you not come and see the amazing area? Accommodation and dinner in a 3 stars hotel in Sinaia.

The Sphinx/Photo source: Dreamstime.com

Day 8: Sinaia – Campina – Bucharest

Breakfast. Departure to Bucharest. Do you remember it? Stop in the city of Campina to visit the strange castle also called “The Wizard’s Castle” or “The Spirits’ Temple”, a tribute to Young Lady Iulia Hasdeu, the daughter of one of the most important Romanian cultural personalities, who died early, at 19 years old only. There are many stories about this castle, and you will hear them all from your guide. Accommodation and dinner in a 3 stars hotel in Bucharest.

Quiz time: Why is it said the castle has such an unusual shape? If you want to find the answer, read through the offer!

Day 9: Time to go home!

Transfer to airport after breakfast. Come again, because we did not cover yet all Romanian mysteries – still have to discover stories (or not?) about ghosts in castles, gods’ caves, strange lights and appearances, or gravity-defying spots.


Accommodations & meals:

  • 8 nights accommodation in cozy hotels 3* hotels
  • Breakfast in every hotel
  • 8 dinners in good quality restaurants
  • 5 lunches including wine tastings


  • Airport transfers
  • Air conditioning bus during the entire tour
  • Parking and road taxes


  • Entrance fees in all attractions that we stop by
  • English speaking tour guide
  • English speaking local guide when specified
  • Pre-paid tips – 20 euro/person

Tips & Tricks

  • Best seasons for this tour: spring, summer and early autumn (May – September)
  • Health condition: you should be able to walk about 1-2 km /day, easy climb the mountain, carry your own bags from the bus to the hotel (some hotels don’t have a luggage service), not having problems with altitude and height and of course fearless
  • Age: doesn’t matter as long as you have a young soul
  • Clothing & accessories: comfortable clothes, warm clothes, very comfortable shoes – sport shoes, boots, a hat should be useful, sunglasses if travelling during summer, a small bag for documents and money and a backpack
  • Others: a big smile on your face and a lot of good mood!

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This tour might be life changing if you regard it as a spiritual journey!

Don’t think about it, just pack your bags and book your tour!



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