About us

About us

We are here to welcome you on our new home, to yield you all the information suitable for you to join our tours and special offers, for at the end, to discover and enjoy our magnificent country: Romania.

We started a business travel from passion for tourism and love for Romania. We stepped into our tourism business journey with a generous thought in mind: to share Romania’s beauty with you in a responsible, balanced manner. We offer the young and seniors, the active and contemplative, the all independent or persons who need accessible tourism the opportunity to enjoy lovely tours covering both traditional and not-enough promoted destinations and to live a beautiful, unforgettable Romanian experience.

As we strongly believe in  “tourism for all” rights, we are here to enhance travel services in Romania that are not fully accessible at this stage on the market – accessible travel. Our offer is adapted especially for seniors and, to a certain extent given by infrastructure limitations, we designed holiday packages and tours, accessible to travelers with special needs.

Herein below, we present ourselves: who we are, what we believe in, what makes us special, why you should join us, here on “Romania at a glance” and in our tours.

We provide tours and travel packages for:

  • Overseas tour-operators looking for Romanian local expertise and handle travel ground operations for trustworthy partnerships;
  • Tour-operators specialized in accessible and senior travel that need specialized Romanian travel business to assist their tourists during the journey;
  • Destination Travel Management companies that require integrated, fully customized tour and travel services;
  • Overseas NGO’s or companies looking to offer amazing incentives in Romania;
  • FIT tourists searching for authentic Romanian experience, tours and holiday packages.

Who we are?

Sano Touring is a Romanian tour-operator, specialized in inbound tourism. We are a team of young tourism professionals, coming with new perspective about travelling in Romania.

We are here to offer you new and delightful attractions and means of accommodation for you to fully enjoy Romanian destinations.

Why Sano Touring?

“Mens sana in corpore sano” Latins said. In a similar way, we consider to give you the best Romanian experience, such that, by joining our tours you will achieve a better health condition.

How comes? On one hand, we are here to offer you serenity through our tours where you are to find balance during travel experiences that equally reveal Romanian places that have not been promoted at all or sufficiently enough, meeting new people, discovering new facts of life in an old world. On the other hand, part of our packages is dedicated to wellness as a whole. In the end, while leaving Romania you will find that this place has a healing effect for both soul and body.

What is different about Sano Touring’s tours and packages?

  • We offer tourism packages and tours for all. We understand the concept “tourism without barriers” and we bring our best efforts to deliver tourism packages adapted to the needs and expectations of all our guests.
  • Many of the places you are discover with us are new, still millennial old. We gathered attractions, places and destinations in such a manner that you will experience Romania as it is, while enjoying the highest standard of comfort. We travel throughout Romania, through all historical regions and counties, Wallachia, Transylvania, Moldavia, Dobrogea, reveal those spots known by locals, but less or never included in an inbound travel package.
  • Authentic travel is one of our guiding lines. We are here to pamper you with unique experiences, for you to meet the pure essence of Romania, beyond the commercial Vampire stories, news you read about or less pleasant experiences you may have with Romanians in the streets at home. We are here for you to fully capture Romanian beautiful nature and joyful and welcoming Romanian people spirit.
  • Full inclusion conceptFor you to relax and enjoy Romania, we included almost all the tourism services that you might encounter during your travel to Romania. Accommodation at best standards, transportation in comfortable conditions, meals are in most of the cases Full Board, we included access fees and tickets, if there is the case.

Sano Touring specials:

  • As we have already said, we travel throughout Romanian homeland. Some of the tours start in Wallachia, others in Transylvania and extent to Moldavia or Dobrogea.
  • We included complex long tours in Romania, as well as short city breaks with day trips included, thus you, our valuable guest, to capture the essence of Romania.
  • Most of the meals, when are not provided in hotels, happen in restaurants and inns that fully intercept the local core.
  • Wellness packages are supplied in Sano Touring’s concept: we offer travel experiences, tours and holiday packages that balance your body and soul while traveling in Romania.
  • We always include most renowned cities and attractions of Romania, like Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj Napoca, Targu Mures, Constanta, Sibiu, Iasi. The exquisite experience comes from all those small places, castles, fortified churches, natural attractions, communities or people and their specific crafts that give a special Romanian, authentic flavor, to your journey.

Romania at a glance:

Because our journey is in Romania, because Romania, our homeland is unique, we created a place where we describe you what Romania is really about, where you to find information about places, customs and events in our treasured touristic destination.

We are welcoming you home, here on page and in a Romanian travel and invite you to share with us questions, opinions and curiosities. 

Welcome and join us for your best Romanian experience with Sano Touring!