Sunday, September 19, 2021

It is winter time over Romania. Through the curtain of white flakes, the shadows of snowy hills show the villages
Facts you might not have known about one of the most incredible cities of Transylvania! There are so many reasons
Brasov is more than the Crown City (literally, since its German name is Kronstadt)  lying in a land of natural
Rural Transylvania, European Destination of Excellence! If you have ever wondered if you should travel to rural Transylvania or why
When it comes to travel, Bucharest remains one of the main tourism gates to Romania. The distinctive air of the
Romania should be known for its amazing scenery, for its authentic rural life, for incredible roads, for the brave history,
Once upon a time, about the time that Earth was shaping up into mountains and rivers, there was volcanic land,
Enjoy the city of joy! If you ever wondered why having a Bucharest city-break while travelling to Romania, the answer
Romania is a fresh destination on the travel destination market from Europe and worldwide. It appeared on the travel maps
Romania is a land of wonders and there is no doubt about this. Nature, culture, traditions, rural authentic architecture, activities,
ourists might know less that Romania is an important international wine producer, being the 12th in the world and the 6th in
There are many reasons to travel to a certain place, starting with cultural purpose, enjoying rural life, admiring incredible natural
Jan in a few words Jan Hopman is working for a  company with headquarters based in Austria. He is Dutch,
Every year, Romanian culture is celebrated on January 15th, honoring the birth of Mihai Eminescu, Romanians and Moldavians’ national poet. It
In Romania autumn is a season that can be expressed in one word: wealth. As one travels through Romania can
Music is not just a sum of sounds that induce a certain state of joy, sadness, nostalgia, or longing. Music
As March 1st is here, it is almost compulsory to speak about such a beautiful Romanian tradition as spring forerunner.
Have you ever asked yourself this question, from thousands miles away? It’s natural to ask yourself this and it is
Health and Wellness retreats in Romania Water is health, water is wealth, water is wellness. When it comes to natural
Several spots in Romania are said to be protected by powerful, but also mysterious energies. Coincidentally or not, these places are historically
We dedicated our last articles to accessible travel, where we proposed mainly activities and destinations for tourists with special needs
Finding the right mountain trip for children and seniors can be difficult. It has to be a combination of safety
Like any other tourist destination, Bucharest has a commercial, touristic face, presented in the travel guides that you find in

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